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The Will to Resist

The Rules of Disengagement


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ExxonMobil Around the World

ExxonMobil  Urged to Make No Long-Term Agreements in Occupied Iraq

ExxonMobil Stockholders Face a Profound Choice

Big Oil Standoff

ExxonMobil Still Evaluating

ExxonMobil Plays Hardball

Protestors Lift Seige

Exxon Torture Suit

U.K. Activists Take on (shell)

Analysis - Madagascar Faces


ExxonMobil Profits

Exxon Laps up Iraq War Profits

ExxonMobil Makes More than $10 Billion

Open Letter to the New ExxonMobil Chairman

As Oil Company CEO's

U.S, Has Royalty Plan

Government May Waive Near $7 billion

At ExxonMobil, a Record Profit

As Profits' Soar


ExxonMobil "Spills"

Stearns Secures Record Fees

Eliot Tackles Brooklyn

ExxonMobil, City of St. Paul

"Dream Team"

Refinerty to Blame

IRS Audited Greenpeace

Philbrick Vows

Oil Giant Stonewalls

Delay in Oil-Spill Notification


ExxonMobil Shareholders Meeting Press Material

Iraq War a Big Factor in Gasoline Prices

Statement of Nick Mottern, Director, Consumers For Peace.org – ExxonMobil Shareholders Meeting. 5/28/08

To: The Shareholders of ExxonMobil and Chevron Corporations and All Peace Loving People of the World

ExxonMobil – An Appeal to Conscience

Environmental Hearing and Rally Shine Light on ExxonMobil’s Unhealthy Profits as Shareholders Meet in Dallas

Rev Stovall
ExxonMobil Challenged


Middle East / Oil Politics

Vetter Video

Iraq Iran Oil Pipeline a Further Threat to U.S. Oil Ambitions

An Appeal to those Who would Bomb Iran

"Honor First"; the Liberation of Lebanon

Iran Offers Shanghai

The U.S.'s Geopolitical

U.S. - E.U. Conspire

Report on Possible Strike Against Iran


Domestic War Politics

Sheehan Hoping

Special Prosecutor

Iraq Detention

Iraq Appears Unwilling to Guarantee Detainee Rights

Aswad's Story

Obama Faced With Iraq Detainee Human Rights Debacle

Iraq Detention Imams Work for $2 Billion Private Equity Fund

Detention has a  Wide, Destructive Impact in Iraq Part I

Detention has a  Wide, Destructive Impact in Iraq Part II

Detention has a Wide, Destructive Impact in Iraq Part III

(Click here to view the TF-134 Brief)

(Click here for the TF-134 Detainee Surveys)

U.S. Military in Iraq Tosses Detention Questions to Gates

Iraq Oil / Politics

One Big Reason General Odom will be Missed

Analysis: Petraeus Makes Iraq Energy Calls

Are We Politicians or Citizens?

Abboud and "Toxic Bob" Waiting for the New oil Law to Pass

Iraq Troop Withdrawal Looks Far Off

Iraq Energy Minister Discusses

Iraq Cancels

"The Oil is Ours"

Hopes Rise

Update 2 - Iraq Sells

Nuclear Scientist

The Corporate - U.S. Takeover

Iraq on the Verge

"We Are Human"

More Belt-Tightening

Crumbling Foundations

Regional War Threatens

Who Knew Impeachment was so Popular

Lost in Action (is this our idea of peace?)

I Don't Support the Troops

Iraqi Workers Preparing for Strike

These Thieves are not Going to Make it in Iraq

Iraqis Resist U.S. Pressure to Enact Oil Law

Fidelity to Pay $400,000 in Case

Exxon to Pay for Air Violations

Hidden War

Iraq Government Orders Arrest of Oil Union Leaders

An Occupation of Iraq is Not Ours to Choose


Shell Oil

Shell Denies War Profits; Refuses to Aid War Victims


War Crimes

Petraeus Manual and Tactics Flout International Law

News Crimes Committed by the United States in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability

Iraq Speaker Decries

U.S. Occupation of Iraq

War Pools


Gas Prices

Two More Ideas for Fighting High Gas Prices

War Profiteering by Big Oil (Video)

Iraq Withdrawl won't Bring $9/Gas Prices

Porter Ties U.S. Withdrawl from Iraq to $9 Gasoline


Things You Can Do

Bush Policies Push Up


Africa Oil

8 Expats Abducted

U.S. Thirst for Oil


Military Oil

Letter ... Boycott Pentagon



What is the BP Spill Trying to Tell Us?

Venezuela Pulls Control from Big Oil Reuters

On July 4th Put away the Flags

Fort Bragg and Aero Contractors

Fear Chaser