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The Will to Resist

The Rules of Disengagement


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Church Visits – Why the Silence?

In the fall of 2007, a group of friends in Westchester County, New York began visiting local churches in a bannering campaign to encourage pastors to speak out for an end to the occupation of Iraq. Here are reports of these visits, similar visits elsewhere and statements by clergy calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq.


Dallas Pastors Speak Out

Church Visit #1
Cautious Acceptance of an Anti-War Message


Church Visit #2
Church Blogging - Support and Rage at St. Augustine, Ossining, NY


Church Visit #3
“Peace is Not Offensive”


Church Visit #4
“Coffin…That’s Not What This Church is.”


Church Visit #5
Unitarians Face the War Head on


Church Visit #6
Iraq War Challenges Methodists’ Grassroots Unity


Church Visit #7
Applause for an Iraq War Church Protest


Church Visit #8
“Pro-Life” – YES; Pro-Peace – NO!


Church Visit #9
Churches Are Anti-War at the Top, “Something Else on the Ground”,
Says Theologian Gary Dorrien


Church Visit #10
Violence Threatens at Anti-War Church Visit

Church Visit #11
Iraq War an Unpopular, Accepted Reality

Peace Activists Stage Dramatic ‘Die-In’ at Holy Name Cathedral
to Protest Anniversary of Iraq War


Church Visit #12
Deacon Applauds but can't Say “Out of Iraq”

Support the Holy Name Six


Church Visit #13
War Protest Unwelcome in an Episcopalian Refuge


Church Visit #14
“Inclusion” a Damper on Iraq Dissent


Church Visit #15
3 Trilllion?


Dallas Pastors Speak for Peace
Dallas Pastors Speak for Peace - Unedited


Church Visit #16
Catholic Pastor Open to Anti-War Message, Outside Church


Church Visit #17
"People are Afraid" 


Church Visit #18
Anti-War Welcome in Investments Bank Ground Zero


Church Visit #19
A Space Where Violence is Abhorred


Church Visit #20
Redemption for the U.S. Through War?


Church Visit #21
God is Probably Speaking Through These Messengers of Peace


Church Visit #22
War is for Power and Money